Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Using Farro in place of Rice....

Rethinking risotto
Published in Restaurant Business newsletter
By Patricia Cobe, Senior Editor

Offering guests a sustainable and healthy fine-dining experience is the mission at Rouge Tomate in New York City, where Executive Chef Jeremy Bearman remakes classics with contemporary twists. In one version of risotto, he substitutes farro piccolo, a more petite form of the grain, for the usual Arborio rice. “Rice crops are irrigated with large quantities of water, but farro grows without irrigation, which makes it much more sustainable,” says Bearman. To cook the farro, he prepares a stock with corncobs—a part that’s usually discarded—which extends the use of this ingredient and saves on food costs. The result is Sweet Corn Farrotto infused with rich corn flavor and topped with shelling bean and corn succotash. As a bonus, whole-grain farro scores high in nutritional value. 

Sweet Corn Farrotto

As risotto cooks, the starch in rice blends with stock to create creaminess. Since farro is  not as starchy, Bearman purees vegetables—corn, mushrooms or cauliflower—to stir into the pot. “The starch and sugar in corn makes a silky puree that provides the same creamy texture,” he says. Alter-natively, he finely grinds dry farro to stir in and thicken the farroto. 

Smart Swaps

Instead of…Try this…
Arborio riceFarro piccolo
Chicken stock Corncob stock
Butter and cheese for creaminessVegetable puree or ground farro
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