Saturday, July 27, 2013

Free Pop-Up Timers When You Buy A Roast

The other day, I was in a store and noticed pop-up timers for sale.  Two for $2.  It made me feel good knowing our markets provide them for no-charge when you purchase a roast of any kind.  Whether you are buying a pork roast, beef roast, lamb roast, or any other kind of roast.  A pop-up timer is provided to ensure a great culinary experience.  Here are the cooking activation times for each timer:

  • Yellow (Boneless Beef Roast) 138F/59C
  •  Green (Pork Roast) 160F/71C
  • Blue (Lamb) 165F/74C
  • Red (Turkey) 180F/82C
We want your shopping experience to begin in our stores and end on your table.  That is why we have taken many measures to stay connected with you.  Whether it be via social media, in our stores, or at home, we appreciate you allowing us to be a part it.  Grazie Mille!

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