Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We're Tops!



Honored as a Top Performing Specialty Grocery Store as Reviewed by Travelers on the
World’s Largest Travel Site

Coral Springs, FL – May 22, 2013  Doris Italian Market & Bakery today announced that it has received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award. The accolade, which honors hospitality excellence, is given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor, and is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide. Only the top-performing 10 percent of businesses listed on TripAdvisor receive this prestigious award.

To qualify for a Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travelers on TripAdvisor, and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months.

“Doris Italian Market is pleased to receive a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence,” said Gary MulĂ©, co- owner  at the Coral Springs location. “We strive to offer our customers a memorable experience, and this accolade is evidence that our hard work is translating into positive reviews on TripAdvisor.”

 “TripAdvisor is delighted to celebrate the success of businesses around the globe, from Sydney to Chicago, Sao Paulo to Rome, which are consistently offering TripAdvisor travelers a great customer experience,” said Alison Copus, Vice President of Marketing for TripAdvisor for Business. “The Certificate of Excellence award provides top performing establishments around the world the recognition they deserve, based on feedback from those who matter most – their customers.”

About Doris Italian Market
Since 1947, Doris Italian Market has been your everyday market to shop for the finest quality foods. Starting out as a small meat market in Hollywood, Fl, it now includes five locations throughout South Florida.
Doris Italian Market consists of a full service meat department, Italian-American deli, Italian style bakery, fresh produce and seafood departments, and a wide selection of specialty items.
Specializing in outstanding customer service, we will make sure your experience is pleasant and unforgettable.
About TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site*, enabling travelers to plan and have the perfect trip. TripAdvisor offers trusted advice from real travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools. TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, with more than 200 million unique monthly visitors**, and over 100 million reviews and opinions. The sites operate in 30 countries worldwide, including China under TripAdvisor also includes TripAdvisor for Business, a dedicated division that provides the tourism industry access to millions of monthly TripAdvisor visitors.

Friday, May 17, 2013

True Comparisons

We at Doris Italian Market & Bakery take a lot of pride in what we do.  We have many credos in our business and one of them is that "we want to make a living, not a killing".  Pricing our products is always heavily scrutinized by ourselves and as of  lately, many customers.  The meat industry has been experiencing major increases this year and it was predicted over a year ago from analysts.  The problem is that most consumers that feel the squeeze don't complain to the farms, factories or analysts.  They complain to the retailers.  For those who understand how retail works, retail prices are calculated based on an item's cost.  Now some companies work off a specific percentage while others work on another.  These numbers are determined many different ways but operating costs are a heavy influence.
Regardless, as a five store chain, Doris Italian Market & Bakery is constantly compared with the prices of major supermarkets like Publix and Winn-Dixie. Having five locations has given us at Doris Italian Market better buying power and have been able to purchase in quantities that allow for better pricing.  Case in point,
Boar's Head products sold in our stores are consistently cheaper than the supermarkets (non advertised items).  Our produce, which has developed a reputation of being of high quality has also been more affordable than the big chains.  How is this possible?  The supermarket chains buy in quantities far greater than us at Doris Italian Market and they have to be getting better pricing if not the same as we.  
Slowly, many conscientious shoppers are recognizing this trend and have began relying on local shops like us for more and more provisions.
Prices on beef & poultry have been rising steadily...
However, with the meat industry's (beef, poultry in particular) increasing prices, sticker shock is occurring in all grocery stores.  We can understand the consumer's frustration, for we too are experiencing these increases as well.  If our cost goes up, so must the retail price.  Let it be known that there are many items that we have marked up less just to try to keep the price more appealing so we are cutting profits to minimize the sticker shock.
Now, we have had a few consumers voice their opinion about our prices and we feel that some of these comments have been made with minimal information.  Now, while we are a five store chain, we have become competitive with supermarkets. We may not be the cheapest on every item but on May 12, 2013 (Mother's Day), we compiled a price comparison of beef, poultry, pork, veal, lamb items as well as lobster prices from a leading supermarket.  We were more affordable on a little over than half of the items listed. And there is a quality difference on some of these items. For example, we sell Sterling Silver Premium Beef which is a line of high level Choice graded beef.  The top 12% of beef is only used as Sterling Silver Premium Beef.  That means that some Sterling Silver Premium Beef is Prime.  
We sell Farmland Pork, which we feel is a superior quality than some of the pork that you can find in your leading supermarket.  With this said, there is not an equal balance of quality in these comparisons, and yet the price comparisons will surprise you.  
We tried to detail which items were on sale and for our column with two prices, we discounted the price for larger weight purchases (ie: 3lb or more price) Click image to view better.
I think it is safe to state that for a five store chain, our prices are pretty competitive as a whole with a multi-billion dollar supermarket chain.  We admire the supermarket chains for their success and we know that we cannot knock them out, but when their managers visit our stores and look around, (which they do), it tells us that we are doing something right.  We hope that for those who shop with us, you continue to do so and keep questioning what we do.  We love answering your questions and concerns.  There is nothing better than an educated consumer.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Live in South Florida? Drink some wine and fight Breast Cancer!

Doris Italian Market has partnered with the Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund to raise money in the effort to detect and fight breast cancer.  The event is 5/31/13 and there will be plenty of wine and cheese to sample and purchase at exclusive discounts as well as plenty of food to enjoy.  Prizes will be raffled off and price of admission includes a $10 store credit to be used that night.  We hope to see you! For more information, email

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saturday, May 4, 2013

One of the many benefits of visiting Mommy.....

Visited my mother this past Thursday and she made me a little tomato sauce with egg.  One of my favorites.  I put in pieces of bread and let them soak..... mmmmmmmmm.  Does anyone else like this dish? Let me know.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Pizza..... The Other Breakfast Food

Breakfast pizza brings convenience
and variety to consumers and profits
to restaurants
Pizza..... a common staple for college students whether it be for lunch, dinner and even breakfast has slowly become available at restaurants for breakfast.

From Specialty Food Magazine.....

"The breakfast foods category has experienced impressive growth, with a 20 percent sales increase in recent years - from $10 billion in 2007 to $12 billion in 2011, according to the latest research from Mintel International.  And the category is forecasted to continue that growth by nearly 26 percent from 2012 to 2017, reaching an estimated $15.7 billion.  To get a healthy slice of this burgeoning market, in 2010 chefs turned to breakfast pizza, and it's become one of the fastest growing breakfast menu items in the country, not only for its convenience, but for the many ways it can be dressed.  Datassential reports that pizza is now  on 5 percent of breakfast menus at chain and independent restaurants in the U.S. - 18 percent more menus than breakfast pizza occupied in 2008, proving that pizza isn't just for lunch and dinner anymore."

In addition to convenience and variety, pizza is also a profitable food.  Basic ingredients combined with the ease of whipping together a pie equates to high yields for any food establishment.  The best part is you do not have to have it cold from the night before like we did in college.  Specialized hot pizzas to start your day. I would order one if it was on the menu.  Would you?