Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Weekly Cheese Program Returns!

Back by popular demand!  You can sample designated cheeses from around the world at our Sunrise & Coral Springs locations.  This is just one of many demo programs we are executing to educate you, the consumer, of different types of foods.  So expect other programs that will include, wine, prepared foods, and more!  Here is our weekly schedule for your reference.  Please don't be shy; introduce yourself to a world of different foods....

February 14 - February 20
Cheese: Black Creek Cheddar
Country: USA
Type: Sharp Cheddar
Serve With: Bland Cracker
Wine Suggestion: Semi Sweet White or Light Red

February 21 - February 27
Cheese:Prima Donna
Country: Holland
Type: Gouda, Parmesan Taste
Serve With: Fresh Fruit, Garlic Toast
Wine Suggestion: Blush or Light Wine or Merlot

February 28 - March 6
Cheese: Stella Fontinella
Country: Wisconsin, USA
Type: Semi-Hard
Serve With: Doris' Garlic Bread, Garlic Toast
Wine Suggestion: Your Choice of Red 

March 7 - March 13
Cheese: President Goat
Country: France
Type: Creamy & Mild
Serve With: Fresh Fruit
Wine Suggestion: Blush/Rosé

March 14 - March 20
Cheese: Perrano
Country: Italy
Type: Aged
Serve With: Garlic Toast
Wine Suggestion: Chianti

March 21 - March 27
Cheese: Sartori
Country: USA
Type: Flavored Wheels 
Serve With: Bland Cracker
Wine Suggestion: Semi Dry White

Easter Week
We will be sampling random Italian Cheeses so stop by and try some!
Ci Vediamo!

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