Monday, October 1, 2012

Doris' Weekly Cheese Program

Each week, from now until December, you can sample designated cheeses from around the world at our Sunrise & Coral Springs locations.  This is just one of many demo programs we are executing to educate you, the consumer, of different types of foods.  So expect other programs that will include, wine, prepared foods, and more!  Here is our weekly schedule for your reference.  Please don't be shy; introduce yourself to a world of different foods....

October 4 - October 10
Cheese: Apple Smoked Cheddar/Swiss
Country: USA
Type: Country Farm Taste
Serve With: Bland Cracker
Wine Suggestion: Semi Sweet White

October 11 - October 17
Cheese:Prima Donna
Country: Holland
Type: Gouda, Parmesan Taste
Serve With: Fresh Fruit, Garlic Toast
Wine Suggestion: Blush or Light Wine

October 18 - October 24
Cheese: Manchego
Country: Spain
Type: Aged
Serve With: Doris' Garlic Bread, Spanish Olives
Wine Suggestion: Spanish Red (Tempranillo)

October 25- October 31
Cheese: Cave Aged Gruyere
Country: Switzerland
Type: Nutty Flavor 
Serve With: Bland Cracker, Fresh Fruit
Wine Suggestion: Semi Dry White

November 1 - November 7
Cheese: Italian Fontina
Country: Italy
Type: Smooth & Creamy
Serve With: French Bread, Sliced Tomato
Wine Suggestion: Merlot

November 8 - November 14
Cheese: Caciocavallo
Country: Italy
Type: Aged, Sharp 
Serve With: Beretta Dry Sweet Sausage
Wine Suggestion: Chianti

November 15 - November 21
Cheese: Fol-Epi
Country: France
Type: Semi-Soft, Nutty Flavor
Serve With: Beretta Dry Sweet Sausage
Wine Suggestion: Merlot

November 22 - November 28
Cheese: Goat Cheese
Country: French Style
Type: Soft, Tangy
Serve With: Fruit Preserves, Bland Cracker
Wine Suggestion: Rosé

November 29 - December 5
Cheese: Gouda
Country: Holland
Type: Creamy, Semi Soft
Serve With: Fresh Fruit
Wine Suggestion: Merlot


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