Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't get rid of that wooden wine box!

When it comes to certain topics, I admit that I am a cultural minnow.  I love to fill my pink matter with all types of information.  There are always times when I find something and I feel like I discovered electricity only to later find that this "discovery" is well known and has been doing fine long before I stumbled upon it.  Well I have to say that when I first saw the above image of a Wine Box Guitar, I was enamored with the style and creativity of the item. To also know that wine box guitars are functional just made me appreciate them even more.
So I did some research so that I may share this information with others, who like me, did not know of these creations.  Well not only to people make and use wine box guitars, there are even those who make cigar box guitars! Who knew, right?
There are communities of indiviuals that share their finished creations as well as recorded music.  These guitars vary from the most simple designs and ease of construction to the more sophisticated.
Some have created their own sites/blogs like Moxie Industries and shared their process. Others have made their instruments and later sell them on ebay.  I was intrigued by this hobby and thought I would share.  Who knows, maybe one of you who read this is real handy and can play the guitar and just may have the inclination to grab an empty wooden chianti box and make a fine instrument with Italian parts.
What I also find interesting is that this hobby/art form has been around since before the 1900s.  Some of these websites provide plans to construct these instruments that were first published over 100 years ago.  I believe in keeping traditions alive and I truly appreciate the roots of this tradition and hope to see a few Italian wine box guitars in the future.  If you come across any, please share with us.