Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Remember When?

Remember when you could have purchased Simmenthal in the US? 
From mentalfloss.com:
"Simmenthal is the canned equivalent of mystery meat.  The most definitive information out there is this enigmatic statement form the label: "Does not contain meat from Simmenthal Cattle." The beef apparently is from Brasil, rather than Simmenthal, the Alpine region where the stuff is canned.  So what exactly is in the stuff?  The cans contain strings of beef in a clear jelly, recommended to be served with olives and cheese on pasta or salad."

We haven't been able to stock it in our stores for over 15 years.  Has anyone seen them in any US stores?


  1. wow my husband loves that stuff and can't find it anywhere...is it illegal

  2. I'm pretty sure the FDA stopped allowing beef & dairy products to be shipped overseas.