Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Helps You Get Through The Day?

Illustration by Kate Moore

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  1. awesome any kind of coffee will do

  2. Hello. Recently I prepared research papers online and found out an interesting piece about coffee. There is a so-called "Long-distance trucker effect." I will explain.
    In the hope of cheering up, they buy "good" instant coffee for decent money, drink, and teach "the effect of the 30th kilometer."
    Coffee grain has two areas, the outer, where the alkaloid accumulates caffeine, and the inner where the theobromine alkaloid accumulates. If we cook a drink from raw (ground) grains of coffee, then both alkaloid are present in it. Caffeine acts immediately, and it lasts 20-25 minutes. It narrows the vessels of all organs, except the kidneys, whose vessels it widens on the contrary. Therefore, all organs increase blood pressure and improve blood flow in the kidneys, which is why a clear effect occurs.
    After 25 minutes, the effect of caffeine passes, and theobromine begins to act, its effect is slow, lasts for an hour, and is completely opposite to the effect of caffeine. This is the time when it starts to go to sleep.
    As a rule, the driver manages to leave for 30 km. That's why in the interval from 30th to 50th kilometer, the biggest percentage of accidents involving a truck is noted.
    Therefore, on the road take only a good brewed grain coffee, and preferably tea, and it does not matter, black or green tea.