Friday, June 1, 2012

Recipe: Ferrara Orzata Soda

Summer is upon us and heat is on!  Our friends at Cento Fine Foods have shared this refreshing and simple recipe to fight the relentless heat.  You can find these ingredients at all of our locations.  Enjoy!

6 oz. Ferrara Sparkling Mineral Water
1 oz. Ferrara Orzata Almond Syrup
5 oz. Ice, cubed
Fill a 12 oz. glass halfway with ice cubes.
Add mineral water then almond syrup.
Stir well, and enjoy.
Serves 1.

For more great recipes and information about their great products, visit or simply come to any of our five Doris Italian Market locations.


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  2. Thanks for the recipe. It was so easy to follow. The end result is good.

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