Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day: A Unique Perspective

As we remember and honor those who have served and fallen in war, I wanted to share a quick story about the soldiers who fought World War II.  As the world was changing, war divided it.  From the nineteenth century, the influx of immigration to the United States was growing exponentially, so when war broke out, many families were divided by politics as well as continents.  My grandfather, who fought as an Italian soldier was a POW being held in the United States. His nephew, Cousin Jimmy, would visit him often and as a resident of the United States, he was grateful that his Uncle was still alive.  I was told by Cousin Jimmy, who is almost 90, that after a battle, US soldiers would search the dog tags of the fallen Italian soldiers in fear of finding a relative.  It's rather frightening to realize how war does not discriminate......
As we enjoy our barbecues and spend time with family and friends, take a brief moment and recognize the sacrifices of many and appreciate the fact that we would not be where we are without their actions and sometimes the rift that comes between family is involuntary.  Whether you are on one side or the other, soldiers follow orders and one has to recognize that because each and every soldier is a son/daughter, father/mother, brother/sister, husband/wife..... you get the idea. 

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