Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FYI: Super Broccoli

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As if the vitamin-packed vegetable wasn't already a powerhouse, super broccoli has arrived.  A team of British Scientists has developed a new breed of broccoli that contains three times more glucoraphanin, a beneficial chemical believed to lower rates of heart disease and some forms of cancer, than conventional broccoli.  "Super" broccoli was developed at two of the UK's world-leading biological research institutes, the Institute of Food Research and the John Innes Centre, by scientists who used traditional plant-breeding methods to cross-pollinate a conventional British broccoli with a wild Sicilian variety.  It's now available in the U.S. under the brand name Beneforte, and boasts a sweeter flavor as it contains less sulfur. 

That's right! Sicily was the birthplace of philosphy and now it's helping people's health and fighting cancer.  You can count on us here at Doris Italian Market & Bakery to try and get Super Broccoli in our stores as quickly as possible.  Keep a look out!
This news has been covered by many large news groups including CBS and USA Today

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