Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Evolution of America

My parents came to this country to make their own success; live the "American Dream".  Much has changed since they came here and the definition of the "American Dream" has evolved into an incentive to "get by".  I see less motivation to get ahead and more desire for assistance rather than overcoming it all.  The social programs that are available are for those who need it, not want it.  And the frightening part is the realization that our need to be represented by our politicians has taken a back seat to the finance of special interest groups. 

You cannot point a finger to a specific party.  Sadly, this lack of representing your constituents is the norm and we are to blame.  Election campaigns have become spectacles rather than town hall meetings and potential leaders sharing their vision and commiting to the bettering of his/her fellow citizen. Instead, we are subjected  to debates that contain elements of a professional wrestling match and the mudslinging of each candidate is remembered more than their political agenda, or is that it? Win by making your opponent look back. 

What should be an exciting time to learn who would be ideal to make our great country greater has been relegated to a time where we knowingly are trying to pick the lesser of two poisons.

Write your local representatives and State Senators about issues that need to be addressed.  Make your voice be heard or the elected official who speaks on your behalf, will not be doing so with your best interests in mind.  We live in the best country in the world.  That is why my parents came here and that is why many still do.  Let us protect the reason why we are great. 

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