Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spotlight on Carpineto Wines from Italy

Carpineto takes its name from the Greek - Carpos, meaning fruit. The modern day winery was founded in 1967. Since then, the partnership between cofounders Giovanni Carlo Sacchet and Antonio Mario Zaccheo has developed an award winning, international reputation for consistently elegant wines with unmatched intensity and extract. The four Carpineto estates encompass 424 hectares of land spread among Tuscany's most prestigious appellations. From the heart of the Chianti Classico region to their extensive Vino Nobile holdings in Montepulciano, Carpineto has garnered a strong global following fueled by their unique combination of traditional and innovative winemaking. Carpineto was the first Italian winery to receive the Robert Mondavi Trophy for excellence and has been nominated Best Italian Wine Producer at the 34th International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Giovanni Carlo Sacchet & Antonio Mario Zaccheo

Winemaker, Carpineto

Giovanni Carlo Sacchet

An enologist by vocation, not by family tradition, Giovanni Carlo Sacchet fell in love with Tuscany, his adopted land. He is originally from the province of Belluno, a mountainous area at the northeast corner of Italy. After graduating from the School of Enology in Conegliano he moved to Tuscany where he began his professional experience contributing to the Tuscan wine Renaissance. It was destiny that he should meet Antonio Mario Zaccheo, with whom he shares the same passion and objectives. Together they embarked on a great adventure in Chianti Classico called ‘Carpineto’. Together with his staff, he follows in great detail the daily operations of the winery, from winemaking to bottling, including label design. On a hillside overlooking the Chianti hills and the Valdarno Superiore valley, near the Gaville estate, is where Giancarlo, his wife Daniela, and their two daughters, Caterina and Elisabetta, call home.

Antonio Mario Zaccheo

Born to a family of winemakers, his experience began at the family farm first in Puglia then in Lazio, near Rome. Since his youth, he was involved in all aspects of grape growing and winemaking, as well as sales, never having any doubt that he was going to remain a winemaker. After graduating from high school he was convinced that the Chianti Classico region was the place for realizing his dreams. It was destiny that he should meet Giovanni Carlo Sacchet, with whom he shares a love for Tuscany as well as the same passion and objectives. Together they embarked on a great Tuscan adventure called ‘Carpineto’, which today is a quality leader known worldwide.

Check back tomorrow when we post about two Carpineto wines found in our stores...... ci vediamo domani!

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