Monday, September 5, 2011

Italian Wine and Food Pairings: Part 1

Here are some suggestions for pairing your Italian wine with a delectable dish.  Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong when it ocmes to food pairing whereas everyone palate is unique, but these suggestions may help maximize your wine experience as well as accentuate your food.  For other tips on food pairing, click HERE.

Aglianico (Basilicata, Campania)
Classic Pairings: Wild boar cacciatorini, roast venison
Barbera (Piedmont)
Classic Pairings: Bagna cauda, agnolotti dal plin (veal agnolotti)
Fiano (Campania)
Classic Pairings: Mozzarella di bufala, culatello or prosciutto
Garganega (Veneto)
Classic Pairings: Prosciutto and melon, lemon-mint risotto
Montepulciano (Abruzzo, Marche)
Classic Pairings: Piave or Parmigiano cheese, penne arrabbiata
Nebbiolo (Piedmont)
Classic Pairings: Beef braised in Barolo, wild mushroom risotto
Nero d’ Avola (Sicily)
Classic Pairings: Bianco Sardo cheese, pasta alla Norma
Pinot Bianco (Alto Adige, Friuli)
Classic Pairings: Robiola cheese, gnocchi with brown butter & sage
Sangiovese (Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia-Romagna, Marche)
Classic Pairings: Salami Toscana, Pecorino Toscana, pasta Bolognese
Trebbiano (Most of Italy)
Classic Pairings: Herb-rubbed roast chicken, Taleggio cheese
Verdicchio (Marche)
Classic Pairings: Green salads, roast branzino (sea bass)
Vermentino (Tuscany, Liguria, Sardinia)
Classic Pairings: Spinach & pecorino ravioli, linguine with clams

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