Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Italians know how to handle a hurricane...

With hurricane season in full swing, I tried to find some kind of Italian information related to hurricanes but to no avail.  I did however come across some historical information from World War II.  Sometimes people forget that Italy was part of the Axis powers with Germany at first.  My grandfather was a prisoner of war (POW) being a soldier for Italy and was held at Fort Dix, but that is another story.

The Italians at the time during a battle at Monte Negro captured a Hawker Hurricane fighter plane and used it until damaged in 1943.  The Hurricane was predominantly used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and was most noted playing a vital role in the Battle of Britain. 
So while Italy cannot get a hurricane, they can surely capture one.

For those interested about the history of the Hurricane fighter plane, check out these links:

A re-enactment of an Italian Fighter shooting down a Hawker Hurricane

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