Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Italian Gestures: Part 1

Earlier this year, I shared some humorous illustrations of italian hand gestures.  Well, I came across an interesting site that has more tutorials that can come in handy when traveling to Italia.  Please enjoy the images with their information.  I will provide the next  four lessons daily. Ciao!
"Sei fuori/pazzo?!"
"Are you mad?!"
How to do it: index finger pressed repeatedly to the side of the forehead.
Per fare i punti di un discorso ...
Dividing up a sentence - firstly, secondly ...
How to do it: one flat hand, other one hits it in a "cutting" motion.

Explaining something
How to do it: hands in a rolling movement.
"I don't know/I can't help"
How to do it: hands open (palm upwards) at sides of body (chest level).
Source: guardian.co.uk

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