Sunday, August 7, 2011

Doris Italian Market & Bakery Renovating 3 locations!

Being a neighborhood business means a great deal to us.  We create jobs and help draw people to our neighborhoods in addition to its residents.  In a time where more businesses are closing than opening, job security is a rarity, but we at Doris Italian Market & Bakery have always tried to ensure job security to our employees.  Employing over 300 people creates a concern for us because our success is contingent on the people who work for Doris Italian Market & Bakery.  That is why, when it seems the most unlikely, we are ensuring our future.
How? Well for starters, four out of our five locations now have 100% back-up power through permanently installed generators.  And we are renovating three of our locations (Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton, and Coral Springs).  Coral Springs' renovation will include the addition of about 3000 square feet and a complete redesign of our store.  Expect to see substantial increases in our meat & produce departments and a stylish overall look similar to our Sunrise location (redesign by Gary Lind of Lind Design International).   Our Boca Raton location is also using the services of Lind Design International. 
Expect to see some activity in the coming months.  These projects mean better shopping experiences as well as additional jobs to the South Florida are.  Three hundred plus employees is no joke folks and we intend to keep our employees working with your help. We appreciate your business knowing that you can get your provisions at many other places so we hope our efforts to improve all aspects of our business improves your satisfaction with us in hopes of making more loyal Doris customers. 
Here are some renderings to give you an idea of how the Coral Springs location will.  Designs are not final. (Click on images to view better)
Check out

Relocated Bakery (where Meat Department is currently)


Relocated Meat & Seafood (where Bakery is currently)

Expanded Produce

Please keep in mind that these images are of the perimeter departments.  There is a whole lot more going on inside.  We cannot wait for you all to enjoy the changes we have in store for you in all of our locations! We'll keep you posted!

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