Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Produce Tips

There are many techniques being used today to prolong freshness & shelf life in our foods.  However, some of these techniques have aspects, while not exacytly harmful to us, that inhibit the overall nutritional benefit of that food.  For example, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, (MAP), is the air that surrounds the leaves in sealed bags of pre-packed salads.  This air prevents the leaves from wilting or discoloring; up to a month.  While this helps the life of the product, the increased carbon dioxide content greatly reduces the leaves' Vitamin C and E  content.

Although many bagged vegetables are packaged and sold as pre-washed, health authorities still recommend you to wash them because there is a high probability of it being washed in a strong chlorine solution. Another reason to also wash all your vegetables is the estimation that on or in their food, the average adult consumes over two gallons of pesticide a year.  Another argument for the organic versus non-organic debate.

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