Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Tuesday & it's still the Feast of St. Anthony?

In his Holyday Book, Francis X. Weiser, S.J. notes that Tuesday is devoted in a particular way to the veneration of St. Anthony because that was the day on which the faith-filled Franciscan was buried. In the 17th century, the practice began of holding weekly devotions to St. Anthony; even today, most ‘perpetual novenas’ to him are held on Tuesdays. Portugal and Italy, where the saint was born and where he died, honor his feast day with unusual festive splendor and great devotion. In Portugal, the epithet “of Padua” is never used, for to the Portuguese he remains “Anthony of Lisbon” or “of Alfama,” the district of Lisbon where he was born. There, every house on June 13 displays, among other decorations, a shrine with a statue of the saint.
Note: Because St. Anthony was buried on a Tuesday and many miracles accompanied his funeral, Tuesdays are special days of honoring him throughout the year. It is customary to pray a Novena to him on thirteen consecutive Tuesdays.
source: Faithmag.com

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