Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Culinary Question: Spoon or No Spoon?

"To spoon or not to spoon. That is the question.  Whether it be nobler in the north, a spoon is not needed in the south, and yet all that matters, is that the food enter your mouth..... Alas my pasta, I know you well."

Okay enough of the Shakespearean spoof.  Almost as popular as the sauce versus gravy argument is the spoon or no spoon dilemna.  Now, fortunately, this is an argument on technique, which bears no consequence to the actual flavor and eating enjoyment of pasta.  Both ways get you to the same destination so the debate is pure fun.

Now many claim the techniques are due to geographic influences (Northern Italy / Southerm Italy), but that is not entirely true.  Here in America, many native Italians scoff at "bobo americans" using a  spoon, and yet specific regions in Italy look at using strictly a fork as somewhat barbaric.  I for one use the fork, but I have relatives who tend to use the spoon for assistance.  It doesn't really matter. As long as that food gets in your mouth, all is well.  And then there are those who cut their spaghetti with a knife and then eat.  Now that is where I draw the line!  How do you eat your spaghetti?

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