Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Behind the Scenes of the Godfather

I enjoy a good movie just like the next guy, but when I enjoy a film, I want to know what was involved in making it. There is so much more than just a camera recording people acting. There are script rewrites, casting, wardrobe, set design, sound, music, editing, etc. I love the extras that come with a DVD of a movie. Watching how so much seemingly chaos can result in a seamless story that entertains just blows my mind.
Anyway, The Godfather films are films in which my family never get tired of. From the images of tradition & family, and the struggles of immigrants coming to America to the cinematic violence that at times seems poetic at how it tells a story regardless of it's graphic nature, The Godfather films were arguable some of the best movies ever made (I'm talking about parts one & two). My family doesn't really acknowledge Part 3 (I will leave that for another post).
Well I remember watching an extra feature and watched all the actors auditioning for parts. What I found amazing, especially in retrospect is that Al Pacino was not wanted for the part of Michael from the studio executives. Thank God that Coppola always finds a way to get what he wants when making a movie. Here's a quick glimpse of the tenacity of Coppola and the acting talents of Pacino as well as other members of one the best casts ever.....

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