Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weekly ad 4/21/11 - 4/27/11

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Happy Shopping!


  1. One of our readers said that the cans of Grano Cotto at Doris Market were going fast last week. So glad to know that our blog readers now have you as a Florida resource.

    You can expect lots of people will come to you from us for such specialties, because very few places stock some of the more obscure ingredients.

    Do you have tins of scungilli (or do your sell it frozen)? If so-- please let us know!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Holly! We have 6oz cans and 29oz cans of LaMonica Scungilli and you can also purchase it frozen from our seafood department.
    The Grano Cotto did fly off the shelf. We do carry the cans year round and we always carry the wheat with-out skin for those who like to make their own cooked wheat.
    I'm glad we could connect. Please thank your readers for us!