Friday, April 15, 2011

Pasta: Bucatini = Perciatelli

We've had customers looking for bucatini pasta and when I suggested perciatelli pasta (which is the same cut), they refused believing the two cuts are not the same.  Well after much dispute amongst my customers, I am confident to reiterate that the two cuts are the same.  Perciatelli, pronounced: "pear-chuh-TELL-lee" is the term for the pasta in Naples.  Pretty much everywhere else, the cut is refered to as bucatini.  Pasta manufacturers will use both terms.  Brands such as Anna, DelVerde, DeCecco, Ferrara, etc. use perciatelli and brands such as Colavita and DiVella use Bucatini.
The cut is basically a thick hollowed long spaghetti.  Recipes with a meat (bolognese) sauce call for it as well as the recipe bucatini all'amatriciana.  My family also uses it with the simple yet delicious garlic & oil pasta.  Thanks to and for some verification.

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