Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Italian Comics

Growing up, I always loved reading the Sunday Comic Strips.  Then, in my teen & young adult years, I enjoyed the daily strips as well.  Being a comic book collector since the age of 9, I always enjoyed the sequential art medium, especially when pictures without words can succinctly tell a story.  Twenty-five years ago, I spent the summer in Sicily and I remember having these comic books for adults, (they were like soap operas in comic book form).  I couldn't read Italian but I was able to enjoy the story just by the book images and I would re-view the book over and over and the story became more and more detailed that after a few views, I understood the entire stoy and it's sub-plots. 

Maybe someday, I will find those stories again..... along with my L'uomo Ragno (Spider-Man) comic books that are long gone.  In the mean-time, I came across a couple of single panel comics and thought I'd share....


Translation: "Guys! I have come to the terrible conclusion that the killer is one of us!"

Translation: "Tell me, Are you in favor or against marriage?"

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