Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mister Month Begins! Part 2

I didn't consider that when yesterday's post came out that some people may have interpreted it as strictly Father & Son. Not at all, but to make things fair, I figured I would add to yesterday's introduction to Mister Month with some information pertaining to Fathers and Daughters.

Now fathers and sons have good relationships and share in many interests, but a father and daughter relationship is truly special. I am a recent first time father and my first child is a girl and boy I cannot tell you how my heart beats for her. She's not even three months old and I am so smitten with her. I cannot wait to do so many things with her and yet I fear that she just may, no scratch that, I am already wrapped around her finger.

The bond that a father has with his daugher is something of magic. I have seen the toughest guys become the biggest teddy-bears with their girls. So cathartic it is having a daughter. It is like having an angel shedding light so there is no darkness. To reinforce that feeling, my wife has fond memories of her father doing her nails and toenails. I mean come on, a grown man finding great joy in making his daughter smile, laugh, and actually do a pretty good job at painting nails and toenails. Even my niece was bragging the other day at how her daddy, my brother, had a talent of doing her nails. To a man, having a daughter is the music that tames the savage beast.
After a rough day, I look forward to getting home and looking at my daughter. She makes all the bad go away and she doesn't even know it. Pure innocence. Very powerful stuff. And a real man enjoys indulging his daughter's requests just to see her smile innocently. I talk of fathers being heroes to their children; well to a young innocent girl, her daddy is her protector. And the security and comfort she feels in her daddy's arms gives him the strength and desire to always do right by her. Powerful magic.
Well just like yesterday, I leave you with a music video. Since yesterday was incidently father and son; today will be father and daughter and an appropriate song would be "Butterfly Kisses".
What's your favorite father daughter song?

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