Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

For those who have read my dedications, I thank you. I find great enjoyment in sharing my love and pride for my parents. This planet needs more of it. This Father's Day has special meaning for me and my family. I recently became a parent this year for the first time. So now, my parents can enjoy seeing all their children experience this milestone. But something also happened. Shortly after my child was born, my father was diagnosed with leukemia.

While understanding that this kind of news is difficult for anyone to bear, my family can only add to the heartache of having to witness a patriarch of a family digest this information. I am not here to chronicle the journey that my father has and continues to take to overcome this disease. I am writing to express how proud and overcome with joy to see my father handle this disease just as he has handled any other obstacle in his life. With confidence and a strength that could defeat an army.

While we can say that my father found the strength and courage to fight this disease because he had his entire family, which includes 16 grandchildren and his wife (our amazing mother), by his side to provide support and a powerful reason to fight; his love and attention that he has given all of us our entire lives has come back with interest. When I see my nieces and nephews come to him, I see the bike rides they took with him, the card games he plays with him, the love and respect he taught them to give and value. I see the stories he shared with us about him growing up. The times he left work, which I never thought was possible, and drive all the way to my school to question a teacher's ethics (that was something else).

It breaks my heart to have my father think that he has become something less.
Dad, you know this is very difficult for me to express in words without breaking down so I will write it. You have become so much more since you took on this disease. You are and will always be our hero. You always defended us and I know if one of us were in trouble right now, you would get out of that bed and come to our aid. Your stubborness has truly helped you throughout treatment and our optimism of your recovery has never been stronger. These things that you have done has given us the strength to never stop believing in you. You are even revered at the hospital as an inspiration to all. And we say, "That's our Dad."

You are larger than life. Your family, your greatest achievement, is a testament to you never giving up. Happy Father's Day Dad. We look forward to once again do all the things that you never stopped doing with us. We love you.

To our customers and readers:
Doris Italian Market & Bakery has always been involved in organitions that help others. from local foundations to national ones like the March of Dimes. We are now becoming a sponsor for the "Light the Night Walk" organized by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Join our team/family.
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  1. Gary, you and your entire family continue to be in our prayers. The strengh and love that embraces your family is what gives you hope. The power of prayer is great, and your Dad is in the fight of his life, and having you all surround him is what sustains him, he is a fighter and shows such courage through this fight, and he will win. May everyone who reads your blog stop for a moment and say a prayer. Bless you all..Aunt Jean and Uncle Rog