Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day Eve

It's the night before Father's Day and I have a chance to reflect. You see, this is my first Father's Day. I recently became a father for the first time and I cannot begin to describe the multitude of emotions that are going on in me. The blessing and opportunity to raise a child and shape who they are and give them tools that will help determine who they will become is something that can be taken for granted very easily.

I find great joy and unlimited motivation knowing that I am being depended upon in such a profound way, that all I wish for is unlimited time to fulfill every possible need for my child. I also find sadness in this duty of being a parent. While holding my child in my arms, I know that there will come a time when I will have to see them move on. 18-20 years is not really a long time, especially since time seems to pass at a faster rate in our aging years.

There is going to be a time where you can do no wrong. Then, the time of your child questioning you comes around, and it is an important phase that requires tact and honesty. Then there is the time when your child may feel that he/she doesn't need your wisdom. That is a time where heartbreak may temporarily settle in but we cannot let on. The good news is that there is a good chance your child realizes that they always need their parents available to talk to. To ask for advice and opinions all the while knowing that their decision will ultimately be their own.

Being human means having flaws, weaknesses, strengths, and abilities that allow us to each function in a unique way. Watching our own grow up consists of joy and fear. The joy is observing the development. The fear is observing them apply their development and hoping for some form of success.

I am sad knowing that my child will grow up and become their own person. But I am also glad at this knowing that hopefully, part of the reason that they are able to do so is because of me. This mixed emotion is probably normal, but it is still new to me. I have waited my whole life to become a father and I just want to be the best that I can be for my family. I wish all Fathers and those male role models whose intentions are to influence the young in a positive way a very Happy Father's Day.

May we all provide our children the tools to become better versions of ourselves and make this world simply a better place.

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