Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Veal Tips

When you hear about lean, high in protein meat right away you think chicken… well watch out chicken because veal is here! What many people do not know is veal is high in protein and low in fat & calories. It has a high percentage of essential vitamins and minerals, and the best thing about veal is it is very versatile and easy to prepare.

At Doris Market we buy USDA Choice milk fed nature veal fresh every week from the Midwest farms. Our butchers are ready to cut any piece to your specifications.

What to look for when buying veal:
- creamy pink in color
- fine grained texture
- if there is any fat, it should be milky white
- very little fat marbling, if any

Storing Veal:
After you purchase the veal store it in the coolest part of your refrigerator. You should cook the veal within 1 – 2 days.
If you do not plan to use the veal within 2 days, you can freeze it just like you would any other meat.

Cooking Veal:
There are various cooking methods depending on the cut of veal you are cooking.
Sauteing- a quick method best for thinner cuts such as cutlets and ground veal. Coat veal with flour or breadcrumbs if desired or use other flavoring of your choice. In a frying pan heat oil or butter and sauté veal on medium heat for 2- 3 minutes turning once.
Stir Frying- a great way to cook pieces of veal with vegetables and other ingredients. Cook veal and vegetables separately. Keep tossing veal pieces until they are no longer pink, over medium heat. When veal is cooked combine with vegetables and other ingredients.
Broiling- best for cuts like chops, steaks, and kabobs. Broil on rack of broiler pan so surface of veal is about 4” from heat. Cook rib or loin chops (1 “ thick) for 14-17 minutes. Cook ground veal patties (1/2 “ thick) for 8-12 minutes.

No matter what method you are using to cook veal, the key is to not over cook it. For best flavor and tenderness cook most cuts of veal to medium (160 degrees). Medium veal will be light pink in the center.

For the next week or so, keep checking the blog daily for more information about veal. We will include facts, tips, recipes, and more. At Doris Italian Market & Bakery, we do more than sell food; we provide information to make your culinary experiences better. See you back here soon.....

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