Sunday, February 21, 2010

La Linea - Episode 1

About La Linea "The Line". La Linea was created by Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli. There are 90 episodes that origianlly aired on the Italian TV Station RAI from 1972-1991. Over the years, La Linea has been broadcast in over 40 countries. Depending on the country, the title may have varied like "Linus on the Line" in Sweden, "Badum, Badum" in Slovenia, "Mr. Curious" in Turkey, and "Lineman" in the US.
Similar to the Daffy Duck cartoons where Daffy is at the mercy of an artist's hand, La Linea illustrates the story of a man who is drawn as a part of an infinite line. His outline travels on this line and encounters obstacles such as water, rocks, and the infamous end of the line where he would always fall or hang on the edge.
The character's relationship with the artist "hand" consists of the character trying to deal with the obstacles drawn before him and his pleas to the "hand" to help solve his frustrations. The character's voice used a mock version of Milanese dialect that resembled gibberish as much as possible, giving the cartoon the possiblity to be easily exported without voice-overs.
La Linea was originally produced to promote Lagostina, an Italian kitchenware company. 8 episodes were produced before La Linea and Lagostina ended their partnership. As a matter of fact, although there are only 90 episodes, they are numbered up to 225. Here is the breakdown of the episode series:
  • Lagostina series: 8 episodes (1-8)
  • 100 Series: 56 episodes (101-156)
  • 200 Series: 26 episodes (200-225)
La Linea was shown in the US on the children's program "The Great Space Coaster". Not all episodes were shown and the show was always introduced by a different name from different characters on the show.
The 2-3 minute average show length allowed La Linea to be viewed in between programs or movies.
Each week we will be posting another episode of La Linea. We look forward to seeing you here!

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