Tuesday, February 9, 2010

But it Sounds Much Better in Italian... (Part 2)

So I am in one of my favorite restaurants trying to enjoy my meal while this older gentleman was busy ruining everyone's dining experience. Nothing made him happy. he was complaining about the food, but he ate it all. He was complaining about the wine, but he drank it all. I even observed that the staff made extra effort to please him but it wasn't good enough. I felt bad for the staff because while I wasn't eating what the gentleman was eating, the staff is always accomodating and are rather efficient without compromising quality.

Well needless to say, all the other patrons seemed to have agreed with me by noticing their glances they made at the gentleman. But, like all good restaurants, the staff did their best even though it would not help the patron's disposition. Well Karma was present. Near the end of his meal, the angry man went to the men's room. Unsurprisingly, he had to make a comment when he came out. Well unbeknownst to him, he forgot to zip up. A fellow paesan noticed and made the comment, "Gabbia aperta, ucello morto." Well for those close enough to hear and understand, it brought quite a bit of laughter. While no one looked at the gentleman, I think it at least made him stop his tirade while he tried to wonder what was so enjoyable to the others.

Needless to say everyone was able to enjoy the rest of their dining experience and tipped their waiters for maintaining their professionalism and their silence for not divulging the meaning of the sentence that made the night memorable.

Transaltion of "gabbia aperta, ucello morto" : The cage is open but the bird is dead.

Here are a few more sayings. Don't forget to contribute!

"A correre e cagare ci si immerda i garretti."
Translation: "By running and defecating at the same time, you'll get poo on your heels."
Idiomatic translation: "Doing two things at once will result in a mess."
"Al contadino non far sapere quanto è buono il cacio (formaggio) con le pere."
Translation: "Don't let the peasant know how good the cheese with the pears is."
"Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano."
Translation: "He who goes slowly, goes safely and goes far."
"In un mondo di ciechi un orbo è re."
Translation: "In a world of blind people, a one-eyed man is king."

And in honor for the Super Bowl, here are some ways of wishing luck:

"In bocca al lupo."
Translation: "Into the mouth of a wolf." (Very commonly used)
Idiomatic translation: "Break a leg!"
A common response is "Crepi!" (May it die!)
"In culo alla balena!"
Translation: "Into the ass of a whale!" (Sometimes following In bocca al lupo)
Response: "Speriamo che non cahgi!" (Hope it doesn't defecate! [vulgar])
"In groppa al riccio!"
Translation: "On a hedgehog's back!"
Response: "Con le mutande di ghisa!" (Wearing underpants made of cast iron!)

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