Monday, February 15, 2010

Are Artichokes an Aphrodisiac?

All this Valentine's Day talk got me wondering about aphrodisiacs. From oysters to strawberries to Spanish Fly. Many claim that these and many other foods have erotic benefits that help the libido of many. While there isn't much scientific proof that supports these claims, many "aphrodisiacs" do cause forms of swelling and irritation that can be contributed to the supposed increase of libido. Many foods like strawberries are symbolic aphrodisiacs where the color and shape represent physical & biological aspects of relationships.

Well one aphrodisiac I wish to discuss is the artichoke. Yep, the artichoke. There is much information about this item and it's history and origin are interesting. Throughout the week, I will have information pertaining to this vegetable which will include recipes, shopping, tips, anecdotes and the such. To get started, enjoy this video I found and check the blog each day this week for more information about artichokes. Ciao for now!

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