Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winners' Circle

For the past year, Doris Italian Market & Bakery has gotten in the habit of giving. Since last year, we have awarded a Cruise, espresso machine, shopping sprees, and most recently, food. Each location has been awarding a free dinner for 2 package every week.

While we work on other giveaways, the weekly drawing for the free meal for 2 will continue since our customers love it! We get hundreds of entries every week, and just to hear the excitement one has when winning is worth doing the giveaway. Keep coming to Doris Italian Market & Bakery and keep checking our blog for more opportunities to win.

Here's a list of some of our winners of the Dinner for 2 and other contests:
  • Kathy Rowe
  • Scott Schumer
  • Pat Apuzzo
  • Joseph Ramos
  • Roberta Kolin
  • Arnold Mandelup
  • Beverly Lesser
  • Carlos Lopez
  • Vincent Vaccaro
  • Leticia M. Gonzalez
  • Steph Brinkman
  • Anita Miller
  • Sherry Fischer
  • Mary Hatton
  • Richard S. Bell
  • Norma Satnick
  • Dante Andreana
  • Carol Greco
  • Faye Galante
  • Patrick Kelly
  • Beth Levine
  • Theresa Borges
  • Marylou Coppola
  • Richard Brais

We will keep updating this list periodically.

We appreciate you all choosing Doris Italian Market & Bakery as your stop for the best food in town!

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