Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Scopa - a timeless card game

Scopa is an Italian card game played with a standard Italian 40-card deck. It is most commonly played between two players or two teams of two players each, but can also be played with 3, 4, or 6 individual players. Scopa is a trick-taking game. The name is the Italian verb meaning "to sweep" since taking a "scopa" means you have "swept" all the cards from the pool. Watching a game of scopa can be highly entertaining an activity since true connoisseurs of the game maintain that lively and colorful banter in between hands is a vital part of the game.
Basic rules for the game can be found at these websites:

A simple internet search can come up with other sites that can provide instructions and other versions of the game as well as other games that can be played using the Italian playing cards. But for those of you who want a basic introduction, we have provided this short instructional video.

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  1. I was taught that primera was the person who has the highest 'full set'... so if you have all Il Res, then you get primera, or whichever is the highest full set gets the point. 

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