Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sauce or Gravy? How do you say it?

This great debate will probbaly never be settled, but it makes for great discussion at the dinner table. The sides for each argument do not originate from any specific region. As a matter of fact, I dwell in a house divided. I say sauce and my wife says gravy.

While there are other names for the condiment we place on our
pasta, these two have dominated our vernacular; and they continue to battle the other for supremacy. Now we can get specific and define what each is but, in the end, it is what it is, and to half of us, it is sauce and the rest, gravy.

To be fair, the term Sunday Gravy comes from the slow cooking process used with flavoring from meat drippings. My mom even puts in pieces of veal and pork while slow cooking her "sauce" and yet I do not call it "gravy".

A buddy of mine believes as a default, gravy is red. If it were any other type, its description would precede "gravy" like brown gravy, turkey gravy, beef gravy, etc.
Well it's safe to say that my marriage will survive this never ending debate but we at Doris would like to hear about your preference and your stories related to this debate.

Whether you call it sauce or gravy, one thing is for sure; we enjoy it all the same. Buon appetito


  1. It always been sauce in my house!

  2. For me as well Tony. However, my wife is a gravy girl. Hopefully I will chip away at her and covert. Thanks for reading!