Thursday, September 24, 2009

Manhattan Special Coffee Soda

Popular up North, many New Yorkers have always savored the unique taste of the "first coffee soda". Manhattan Special Espresso coffee drinks aren't found everywhere but one place you can find them is at Doris Italian Markets.

Manhatan Special Drinks are a hard-to-find item that brings a bit of nostalgia along with the unique taste it is known for. Whenever a customer comes in and discovers them again in our stores, they almost always begin with lines like ,"I can't believe you have Manhattan Specials! Oh man, they take me back...". In addition to it's long lasting reputation of having a quality product, we carry Manhattan Specials also because it is a "definition" product. It is part of the canvas of one's life when they were young and allows them to go "back in time" when things were less complicated. As we all move on in life, it is essential to remember where we all came from and the nostalgic details only make those memories more memorable.
Manhattan Special Coffee Sodas come in two sizes; 10oz & 28oz. bottles. There are three varieties to choose from; Original, Diet, & Diet Decaf. Come in to any of our locations and buy a time travelling ticket in the form of a Manhattan Special Coffee Soda.

To order Manhattan Special online from Doris, click HERE.

For more information about Manhattan Special Coffee Sodas, check out their website:

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