Sunday, September 20, 2009

Easy Way to Pair Cheeses with Beer & Wine

I came across a very helpful tool for those who wish to pair cheeses with beer or wine. You simply choose the cheese you are serving and it automatically provides you with appropriate beer & wine selections.

With the fall coming, there are many reasons to entertain. There is College Footbal, Sunday football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and just about any reason you can think of to bring people together. Entertaining guests is something than many take for granted, but I assure you, people always comment on the ability of a host whether it is good or bad. The information we are providing you right now can definitely help ensure that people will be impressed with your ability to pair foods in addition to your ability to coordinate a successful social gathering.

The days of opening up a bag of chips or pretzels and having soda on the table are long gone. The act of entertaining is becoming the "art" of entertaining. So to begin, click HERE.

At this site, you choose your cheese and the program automatically suggests wines and beers to go with the cheese. The program also provides other foods that pair well with your cheese of choice.

However, the choice is ultimately yours. Do not be afraid to experiment different combinations. Having a cheese party can be a lot of fun and really isn't that difficult to coordinate.

If you are going to have a party with a cheese display, here are some tips.

Choose 4-6 cheeses with varying flavors, textures, ages and colors. Allow up to 2oz. of each cheese per person.
Preparing: Store the cheeses in their original wrappers until party time. If you are serving wines, make sure that they are at the appropriate serving temperatures at party time.

Display: We eat with our eyes, so be sure that your table is displayed in an inviting way that will create a stir with your guests.
Color: Compliment your beverages with cheeses of different hues.
Shapes: Make the cuts interesting. Use larger pieces to show off unique textures and even slice some cheeses.
Texture: Mix up the display with smooth & crumbly textures.
Serving Pieces: Use cutting boards, cutting strips, marble, mirrors or pretty trays & platters for displaying. Use doilies for added d├ęcor and provide practical utensils (tongs, toothpicks, salad plates & napkins)
Theme: Add to the experience by revolving around a specific theme and decorate accordingly.
Simple Signs: With so many cheeses out there, guests may be unfamiliar with your choices, so provide simple signs to identify your cheeses so your guests can shop for them later.
Order: Be sure to arrange the cheeses so that they are tasted from the mildest to the strongest.
Use the link provided to choose your wines and/or beers to pair with.
Some items to accent your display:
  • Water crackers - With their bland flavor and crisp texture, they are a safe, good choice.
  • Wheat crackers - These are very good with Swiss and related cheeses, such as Gruyere.
  • Crusty Breads - Baguette and Italian Bread slices are perfect platforms for soft French-style Blues and Italian-style Gorgonzolas.
  • Specialty Breads - Walnut bread and Blue Cheese are a classic pairing. Olive Bread and Mediterranean styles of bread with Asiago, are a stunning couple.
  • Cookie Crackers - Sweet crackers, such as vanilla wafers, form a heavenly duo with Mascarpone.
  • Dried Fruits - Apricots, cherries, apples, & figs add a sweet flavor to complement the saltiness of a cheese. Not to mention the nice appearance.
  • Nuts - Walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts - all have an appealing texture and taste in contrast to cheese.
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