Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cruising Italian Style Sweepstakes Winner!

Congratulations to Kathy Myers of Boca Raton for being the recipient of a complimentary 7-night Caribbean Cruise aboard the Costa Fortuna!
Doris Italian Market & Bakery would like to thank everyone for entering. Also keep checking for more give-aways. We have some very exciting upcoming announcements that will give everyone more chances to win something from Doris Italian Market & Bakery.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Funiculi, Funicula

Continuing the Italian music selections......

Three renditions of Funiculi, Funicula.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Gelato in Coral Springs Beginning week of 9/27/09

It's just about here! Gelato in Coral Springs! That's right everyone, beginning some time next week, you can purchase gelato by the scoop! We will be offering 12 flavors:

  • Nocciola (Hazelnut)
  • Stracciatella
  • Triple Dark Chocolate
  • Pistachio
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Tiramisu
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Vanilla
  • Mascarpone
  • White Raspberry
  • Cappuccino Chocolate
  • Strawberry

All purchases for gelato must be made at the counter before consumption. We plan to add espresso & cappuccino in the near future. Initial availability will be strictly cups and then we can offer quarts once you help make our gelato counter more popular. Keep checking the blog for the announcement next week! We look forward to seeing you!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Manhattan Special Coffee Soda

Popular up North, many New Yorkers have always savored the unique taste of the "first coffee soda". Manhattan Special Espresso coffee drinks aren't found everywhere but one place you can find them is at Doris Italian Markets.

Manhatan Special Drinks are a hard-to-find item that brings a bit of nostalgia along with the unique taste it is known for. Whenever a customer comes in and discovers them again in our stores, they almost always begin with lines like ,"I can't believe you have Manhattan Specials! Oh man, they take me back...". In addition to it's long lasting reputation of having a quality product, we carry Manhattan Specials also because it is a "definition" product. It is part of the canvas of one's life when they were young and allows them to go "back in time" when things were less complicated. As we all move on in life, it is essential to remember where we all came from and the nostalgic details only make those memories more memorable.
Manhattan Special Coffee Sodas come in two sizes; 10oz & 28oz. bottles. There are three varieties to choose from; Original, Diet, & Diet Decaf. Come in to any of our locations and buy a time travelling ticket in the form of a Manhattan Special Coffee Soda.

To order Manhattan Special online from Doris, click HERE.

For more information about Manhattan Special Coffee Sodas, check out their website:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't throw away that old espresso pot!

Do you have an espresso pot that has been in the family for years? Is it not making coffee quite like it should because of leaks or poor filtration? Well if you do and you don't want to part with the item, there probbaly is not a reason to replace it. Most of the time, the pot just needs a new gasket.

When you unscrew the two halves of the pot apart, you will notice a gasket which secures a filter bewteen the two parts of the pot. Over time, the gasket gets worn and stretched. Depending on its maintenance, the gasket often dries and cracks. I have seen gaskets that have basically melted in. Replacing the gasket alone will give you a secure seal and most likely eliminate any leaks. Changing the filter can be helpful as well if you feel the existing filter is not effective. The one challenge for many is finding these basic parts.

Well look no further; Doris Italian Market & Bakery has always had these gaskets. Available in multiple sizes, these gaskets are very inexpensive, and for less than $2 your espresso pot can work as good as new. While our gaskets are made specifically for Bialetti Coffee Pots, these gaskets have effectively fit older pots with success.

If you are not sure if the gasket is the answer or if one of our gaskets will fit, bring your pot in to one of our locations. We will be happy to see if changing the gasket will save your pot. If your pot has seen better days, we sell new espresso pots as well. We have pots that make from 3 cups to 12 cups of espresso.
Just visit us at one of our locations or if you prefer to purchase a gasket or new espresso pot online from us, click here.

Easy Way to Pair Cheeses with Beer & Wine

I came across a very helpful tool for those who wish to pair cheeses with beer or wine. You simply choose the cheese you are serving and it automatically provides you with appropriate beer & wine selections.

With the fall coming, there are many reasons to entertain. There is College Footbal, Sunday football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and just about any reason you can think of to bring people together. Entertaining guests is something than many take for granted, but I assure you, people always comment on the ability of a host whether it is good or bad. The information we are providing you right now can definitely help ensure that people will be impressed with your ability to pair foods in addition to your ability to coordinate a successful social gathering.

The days of opening up a bag of chips or pretzels and having soda on the table are long gone. The act of entertaining is becoming the "art" of entertaining. So to begin, click HERE.

At this site, you choose your cheese and the program automatically suggests wines and beers to go with the cheese. The program also provides other foods that pair well with your cheese of choice.

However, the choice is ultimately yours. Do not be afraid to experiment different combinations. Having a cheese party can be a lot of fun and really isn't that difficult to coordinate.

If you are going to have a party with a cheese display, here are some tips.

Choose 4-6 cheeses with varying flavors, textures, ages and colors. Allow up to 2oz. of each cheese per person.
Preparing: Store the cheeses in their original wrappers until party time. If you are serving wines, make sure that they are at the appropriate serving temperatures at party time.

Display: We eat with our eyes, so be sure that your table is displayed in an inviting way that will create a stir with your guests.
Color: Compliment your beverages with cheeses of different hues.
Shapes: Make the cuts interesting. Use larger pieces to show off unique textures and even slice some cheeses.
Texture: Mix up the display with smooth & crumbly textures.
Serving Pieces: Use cutting boards, cutting strips, marble, mirrors or pretty trays & platters for displaying. Use doilies for added d├ęcor and provide practical utensils (tongs, toothpicks, salad plates & napkins)
Theme: Add to the experience by revolving around a specific theme and decorate accordingly.
Simple Signs: With so many cheeses out there, guests may be unfamiliar with your choices, so provide simple signs to identify your cheeses so your guests can shop for them later.
Order: Be sure to arrange the cheeses so that they are tasted from the mildest to the strongest.
Use the link provided to choose your wines and/or beers to pair with.
Some items to accent your display:
  • Water crackers - With their bland flavor and crisp texture, they are a safe, good choice.
  • Wheat crackers - These are very good with Swiss and related cheeses, such as Gruyere.
  • Crusty Breads - Baguette and Italian Bread slices are perfect platforms for soft French-style Blues and Italian-style Gorgonzolas.
  • Specialty Breads - Walnut bread and Blue Cheese are a classic pairing. Olive Bread and Mediterranean styles of bread with Asiago, are a stunning couple.
  • Cookie Crackers - Sweet crackers, such as vanilla wafers, form a heavenly duo with Mascarpone.
  • Dried Fruits - Apricots, cherries, apples, & figs add a sweet flavor to complement the saltiness of a cheese. Not to mention the nice appearance.
  • Nuts - Walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts - all have an appealing texture and taste in contrast to cheese.
For more information:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Dinner: Anything after 2p.m. is late...

I,  have many great memories growing up in New Jersey. From the snow days, where we would go sleigh riding with all the other kids in town, to the 4th of July parade my hometown was famous for. Well, one thing that we still try to do is the tradition of Sunday dinner.
Nowadays, it seems almost impossible to have the whole family unit sit down at the same time to enjoy a good home-cooked meal. From all kinds of scenarios like both parents working full-time, single parents working long hours, the kids involved in many extra-curricular activities, to even the kids having jobs after school and on the weekends.

Sunday always seemed like the best chance to have everyone together as a family unit. No school and no work left little reason to not sit down together. It was always a great time to truly forget the outside distractions and enjoy life at home. There were no try outs, no tests, no deadlines; the pressures of everyday life for young and old did not exist. The only concern was if there was enough food.

Even siblings didn't bicker as much. We all shared something in common at that moment.... eachother. Sundays were and should still be raw. Stripped of all society's labels and expectations, the family unit should shine on Sundays. Reliant upon itself, which is made up of its members. For my family, it was a time to enjoy a peaceful time with those that will forever be with us and in retrospect, I feel it was a time for my parents to enjoy what they have worked for.

For my parents, it was a moment to observe another week passed and another to begin. It was a moment to remind themselves that up to that point it has been worth it and that realization gave them the motivation to keep doing what they are doing.

But I digress, Sundays have been and should always be a fun day for everyone to relax, laugh, play , & eat together. The day revolved around the meal. I would so often wake up to the smell of the sauce cooking on the stove. Sunday mornings were laid back but they were never late mornings. Everyone had to be up and about by a decent time. After all, dinner was no later than 2p.m.

That's right, all the preparations were for an early dinner. And if anyone was not seated at the table at that time, well let's just say it was a punishable infraction. And for guests to show up late, well there would be second thoughts on inviting latecomers to Sunday Dinner.

It was weird but normal. Dinner in the daylight. And then at 6p.m. or so, we would just reheat the food and eat some more. Then came the fruit, then the cake & pastries accompanied by espresso & coffee. And if guests were present, like aunts & uncles, well then came the card games. These are practices that we still maintain. The roles have changed, but the script remains the same.

For someone like myself, when the daily grind has got me worn, I can always look forward to a Sunday gathering for an early dinner full of laughs, food, and family. May your Sundays be filled with the same goodness that graces my family's tables.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sauce or Gravy? How do you say it?

This great debate will probbaly never be settled, but it makes for great discussion at the dinner table. The sides for each argument do not originate from any specific region. As a matter of fact, I dwell in a house divided. I say sauce and my wife says gravy.

While there are other names for the condiment we place on our
pasta, these two have dominated our vernacular; and they continue to battle the other for supremacy. Now we can get specific and define what each is but, in the end, it is what it is, and to half of us, it is sauce and the rest, gravy.

To be fair, the term Sunday Gravy comes from the slow cooking process used with flavoring from meat drippings. My mom even puts in pieces of veal and pork while slow cooking her "sauce" and yet I do not call it "gravy".

A buddy of mine believes as a default, gravy is red. If it were any other type, its description would precede "gravy" like brown gravy, turkey gravy, beef gravy, etc.
Well it's safe to say that my marriage will survive this never ending debate but we at Doris would like to hear about your preference and your stories related to this debate.

Whether you call it sauce or gravy, one thing is for sure; we enjoy it all the same. Buon appetito

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ti Amo - Umberto Tozzi

This popular song has always been a part of my family's life. What's great is that the song is liked by the family's newest generation. For those who are not familiar with Umberto Tozzi; in Italy and many other parts of the world, he is the equivalent of today's biggest musical icons. He wrote the song "Gloria" which was a chart topper for him. Laura Branigan's English version was a certified hit.

I have posted both Italian & English versions of "Ti Amo". Enjoy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coming Soon: Gelato By The Scoop

Doris Italian Market & Bakery is proud to announce that its Coral Springs location will soon be selling gelato by the scoop! You will be able to find the gelato case at the bakery department where they already have some of the best goodies in town. Approximately 12 flavors will be available. This is a new endeavor for us so I am sure that this offering will evolve once we get everyone hooked on this high quality product. More information and details about our gelato will be following soon. Keep checking the blog and thanks for reading.....