Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Sunrise Location Update

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting our new location to finally open. We know many of our customers who live in the Plantation area are heart-broken that we closed our Plantation location, but we promise this new location will blow you away and you will forget all about the old Plantation location.

Our new location located on the NW corner of Sunset Strip and Nob Hill Rd will open on Thursday, August 20th. We will have a ribbon cutting ceremony around 8am with the Sunrise city commissioners and other community icons. We invite everyone to come out and celebrate the opening of our new location. We will have a Grand Opening celebration all day on Saturday, September 5th. We will keep you posted on the specific details for the Grand Opening as we get closer.

There has been more additions inside our new store since the last pictures that we posted. All of our equipment is in place and our shelves are being stocked as we speak. We hope you enjoy the new pictures and we look forward to seeing you at our new location!

The Produce Department

Island Displays for all of your fruits and vegetables

The Produce Department

One of the largest deparments in the store to better accommodate the needs and desires of our customers while shopping comfortably. If feels like you are in the fields in Italy picking fresh fruits yourself.

Self Service Meat Department

Featuring an all new extensive self service meat case, expanding your meat selections and offering grab and go convenience.

Full Service Meat Department

Our usual gourmet service meat case has been upgraded to offer more Doris own, very reasonably priced, oven ready items for your convenience.

The Deli Department
With a wide selection of prepared foods and salads (including a salad bar) you will never go hungry. Pick up a sandwich and enjoy it in our little cafe (in the front of the store) and have an espresso or cappuccino.

The Cheese Corner
Our cheese section is unlike any other store in South Florida with a wide selection of imported and domestic gourmet cheese to choose from. Try a new cheese every week and pair it with its wine match and learn about the textures and flavors from our cheese specialists.

The Grocery Aisles
All your favorite items can be found in our grocery department from imported olive oils and vinegars to italian pasta and canned San Marzano tomatoes.

We look forward to seeing you there. Don't forget to visit our website and remember you can shop online. Tell your out of town family and friends they too can enjoy all of Doris Market's specialties.


  1. Thanks for coming back to sunrise, I missed you

  2. Made room in my freezer (and budget) in anticipation of some great money-saving grand opening specials! Where are they?

  3. We are glad to be back! Check for some grand-opening specials for Labor Day!

  4. where is the grand opening video?

  5. Paxtonfan, check our August 22, 2010 post. It has the ribbon cutting ceremony...