Saturday, August 1, 2009

Doris Italian Market = Hurricane Proof

Hurricanes are always a concern for all in Florida. If we don't suffer any damage during that season, we seem to be quick to forget the risk we take when we do not prepare for the worst.

Well although Katrina took top billing in 2005, Hurricane Wilma was the fourth costliest hurricane in US History. In Florida, it was responsible for 5 hurricane related deaths (26 indirect deaths), left over 6 million without power (average restore time was 8-15 days), and displaced thousands from their homes due to extensive damage resulting in condemnation. Damage in Florida totalled 20.6 billion dollars and many residents were still waiting for insurance settlements as recent as 2008.

Hurricane Wilma

Doris Italian Market fell victim to the storm as well. All stores experienced power outages. Some locations' power were restored within 2-3 days while other locations were not restored until over 1 week later. Product was lost, however, damage was minimal to our locations compared to other businesses. Once up and running our locations worked very hard to help residents get back to some level of normalcy.

It has taken since then to get Florida back to normal and there are still areas that still show the effects of Wilma. Going through that was a wake-up call for many including Doris Italian Markets. That is why Doris Italian Market is installing back-up generators in their locations.

Part of a bigger agenda, Doris Italian Market has invested in itself to be able to continue to be that neighborhood store for all its customers. Installing back-up generators provides a bit of peace of mind that in the event of a severe storm which causes power outages, Doris Italian Markets will be able to remain open and provide all who come with the best meat, produce, seafood, baked goods, deli items and groceries without interruption.

As of this posting, the Pembroke Pines location has complete back-up power and the Coral Springs & Boca Raton locations are just finishing installing their generators in time for Hurricane season. All other locations are in the blue-print stages but the three mentioned locations provide acceptable coverage of Broward County as well as the southern part of Palm Beach County.

We want people to know that we have all the provisions (water, ice, meat, bread, canned goods, etc) needed to prepare for a hurricane. There is less chaos at our locations and we never gouge our prices. A select few already know this and we want more to know this. As your neighborhood store, we have been and will always be there for you during the good times and bad.

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