Thursday, August 6, 2009


Being a first generation Italian-American, my siblings and I grew up with some old-fashioned remedies that we still sometimes use today.

For example, for high fevers, my mom would slice potatoes and place them on our forehead and wrap a bandana or scraf around our head like a head band. The belief was that the potatoes would absorb the fever. Did it work? Well I can tell you that those potatoes got pretty warm where you thought your head cooked them.

Also, when we had chest colds, my mom would iron newspapers and then place them under our shirts and on our chests. Newspapers retained the heat pretty well and the heat was believed to provide relief by helping break up any conjestion.

There are many more remedies and I honestly would prefer to use them than to put drug after drug in my system. Well in addition to these remedies, there are some natural products that we used that still have a place in our homes. One of them is Brioschi. Brioschi is an effervescent antacid that helped with upset stomachs, heartburn and the such. While it is not widely found (available at Doris Italian Markets), it is still available and still effective.

As children we would use our bodies as science experiments. When we had a "tummy ache" or as the Little Rascals called it "a head-ache in your stomach", my mom would pour a cap full of Brioschi in a glass of water (as directed) and we would drink the glass whole. Then, we would sit around in anticipation for a tell-tale sign that the Brioschi was working. The rumbling would start, the eyes would widen and then, this unstoppable, unrelenting, thunderous belch would roar out of us! A sigh of relief would follow and then the giggles began as we analyzed the intensity of the belch.

From Brioschi web site:

For over 125 years, Brioschi has been providing heartburn treatment the world over, using only all natural ingredients to relieve heartburn symptoms and indigestion, without unnecessary additives, preservatives, or harsh chemical compounds.
Heartburn relief doesn't always require a prescription. Unlike prescription antacids, Brioschi is an all natural antacid, and it is FDA recognized to provide safe, fast, and effective heartburn relief without a doctor's prescription.

Does your tablet antacid contain calcium, or calcium carbonate?

Calcium containing antacids can stimulate the production of Gastrin. Gastrin is the hormone primarily responsible for stimulating the production of stomach acid, which may cause "acid rebound". Brioschi provides instant heartburn relief, and contains no calcium!
Does your liquid antacid contain aluminum? Or magnesium?

An antacid containing aluminum may cause constipation, while an antacid containing magnesium may cause diarrhea. Brioschi relieves your heartburn symptoms with no aluminum or magnesium.
Brioschi Effervescent Antacid provides all natural heartburn relief in just 10 seconds with less ingredients. And less ingredients mean less chance of a harmful drug interaction.

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  1. Yes, I use in today, working well... a staple in my closet.
    as a child would fake a 'headache' for the lemon soda taste...

  2. Glad it is back on the Market Raised in an Italian Family It was always on the Kitchen Cabinet shelf Also as a child would pour some in our hand put it in our mouth and let it foam it tasted liked Lemon I am now 71 and still like the this product Works fast Found it at Federal Hill RI It you want to find it Just Google to order on line or maybe a Place to buy near your Home