Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Fathers' Day

Growing up, our fathers always seemed to be these larger than life characters. The hero that protected us, had the pretty girl (mom) and always knew what to do in any situation. They were intimidating at times as well, when we misbehaved or made a silly mistake. We didn't want to let them down. It was like upsetting the gods and they would wreak havoc upon us. At least that is what it was like for me.

What was intimidating for me was that my dad could do it all. As a child, I remember his physical ability to keep up with me on a bicylcle as he ran in dress shoes and slacks down our street and never got tired. I remember him out running my older brother. His endurance, at the time, seemed super human. "Could I ever be able to match that ability?" I mean the guy worked all day and had five kids to raise with my mom. He truly was a giant in my childhood eyes.

Well years have passed and the one thing that I realized was my dad wasn't super human. He got a little slower as the years progressed and his endurance definitely wasn't what it once was. And yet, as my vision of my father took a more real image, one thing did not change..... his accomplishments.

The "super" things that I remembered my dad doing were still that, "super" and he still worked long and hard to make sure his family was provided for. So in actuality, my dad wasn't this meta-human with astounding abilities. He's a normal guy that did and still does things that are "super". A normal guy, being able to accomplish these great feats, makes him better than a super hero. It makes him an inspiration for someone like me to try to be "super" like him.

What's even more special is that together, a father and child can accomplish so much more together. As much as I have learned from him, he is now learning from his children. To use poetic license, fathers like mine are giants, and we "stand on the shoulders of giants" to see how far we can go. And together, we get there.

Dad, thank you for being larger than life in my childhood and for becoming an inspiration to me, making me believe that anything is possible.

Happy Fathers' Day Dad and to all you Dads out there who have inspired.

What did your dad do when you were young that left you in awe? Share your memories and thoughts of your dad in the comments section.

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