Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are These Eggs Fresh?

"Are These Eggs Fresh?"

Dealing with dairy products is always a concern with consumers because they are perishable items. Sell-by and Expiration Dates will determine if a consumer will buy a specific perishable item. The longer shelf life they have, the more likely they will find a new home in someone's refrigerator. While most dairy products have their life expectancy clearly printed on their containers, eggs have been a concern for most.

Until recently, all egg cartons had "Julian" dating. Julian dating basically is the numeric date of the year that the eggs were packed. If eggs were packed on January 1, then the Julian date printed on the carton would be 001. If the eggs were packaged on December 31, the dating would read 365. Here is a chart you can use to decipher your Julian codes.

The good news is more and more egg packers are using sell-by or use-by dates now. Eggs packed using sell-by dates are usually given a 45 day shelf life. Since eggs stay fresh for about 45 days, this new labeling insures a fresher product for the consumer.

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